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Working in the community is a passion of mine. Too often community projects are under-funded and under-supported. They also seem to be a target for vendors of overpriced websites. Below are a few community projects that I've taken on. I hope you'll agree that with a little integrity you can achieve a lot on a very low budget.


Integrity Creations is the name I work under with all my websites. Creating websites is something I love and I always do it with integrity... it's the way I work. I also like to challenge the view of small groups and clubs that think a good looking web presence is not financially viable. I don't believe that's true, see what you think:


Whether it's birthday cakes or cards, Nikki can turn her hand to almost anything. Children and adults love the cakes - they're great to look at and even better to eat! Her cards have a professional look to them yet retain her distinctive hand-made feel. This is very much her baby.


Keeping us busy all day, every day, our family is a wonder. Most people wonder how we cope with four children. We wonder how quiet it would be without them. Fortunately it will be a few years before we find out.


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